Campsite rules and regulations

Residence conditions and regulations for the season 2023

Kompas Camping vzw, with registered office Haachtsesteenweg 579, 1030 Brussels (RPR - 0412 527 934), has 2 holiday parks in operation: Kompas Camping Nieuwpoort (Brugsesteenweg 49, 8620 Nieuwpoort) and Kompas Camping Westende (Bassevillestraat 141 B, 8434 Westende).

These terms and conditions of stay and internal regulations have been drawn up to make living together on these holiday domains as pleasant as possible; everyone is therefore required to follow them.

The management can always take appropriate measures in addition to these terms and conditions of stay and the internal regulations. If you cause damage to the installations of the holiday domain or if you are involved in an accident, please report this directly to the reception desk of the holiday domain.

1. Stay at the campsite

1.1 Camping pitch

For your stay you have the choice between:

- Motor home pitches 60 - 70 m²

Admitted: one camper (motorhome, max. length 9 m) per pitch. Only the fixed awning of the camper or shelter in canvas is allowed. Side/extra tents, party tents, nylon shelters and an extra car or trailer are not allowed for fire safety reasons. Covering the lawn with root canvas, plastic or other cloths is also prohibited. These camper pitches can only be occupied by camper vans; tents, caravans or any other form of camping equipment is forbidden on these pitches. Of course, you can also place a campervan on a standard pitch, a comfort pitch, an XL comfort pitch or an XL comfort pitch with private bathroom.

- Standard pitch / comfort pitch 110 m² / XL-comfort pitch 150 m²

Allowed: one tent, camping car, caravan or camper per pitch. On this pitch you can park one car and two small tents of max. 5 m² or one small tent of max. 8 m². A trailer and a shelter (in sailcloth) are equally seen as a small tent. An awning may be attached to the caravan, however, no additional canopy may be placed in front of or attached to the side of the awning. The surface area occupied by the camping installation, including the permitted extensions, may not exceed 50 m² on the ground.Party tents are prohibited, but you may place one windbreak with a maximum length of 9 m. Shelters in polyamide are prohibited.

1.2 Residential rate

The camping rate includes 2 persons. From the 3rd person onwards you pay the 'extra person' rate. A maximum of 6 persons are allowed per pitch, unless your family consists of more than 6 persons. Additional costs and charges will be charged separately.

1.3 Booking and payment

Reservations can be made via, the reception of the campsites, tour operators and online reservation platforms with which Kompas camping vzw cooperates. A reservation becomes definitive after (online) payment of the advance of € 195 or for smaller files (= up to € 200) the full amount. You will always receive an invoice as confirmation of your reservation. The balance must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the start of your stay. Failure to pay the deposit or balance on time automatically results in cancellation of the reservation.

If, after confirmation of the reservation, a change is made at the request of the camper/guest (e.g. change of period of stay), the following administrative costs will be charged: € 25 when booking a camping pitch or camper van, € 50 when booking a Comfort Lodge or a Premium Lodge.

In accordance with current legislation and also in your interest (e.g. notification in case of damage), the management must always be informed about who is present; therefore bringing and taking away camping equipment must always be reported to the reception.

Renting a specific pitch/accommodation is possible upon reservation (paid option of € 12). In all other cases Kompas Camping vzw can, without prior notice, allocate another but equivalent pitch/accommodation to the hirer.

Whoever makes a reservation commits himself to move his camping installation on simple request of the management. Permission is also granted to the Management to relocate the facility subject to prior notice and without entitlement to compensation. Campers are not permitted to let their camping facilities to others.

1.4 Cancellation

In the event of full or partial cancellation, which is only possible by mail or letter (date of receipt = date of cancellation), the following charges shall be applied:

  • Up to and including 57 days before the start of the stay: € 50 per file;
  • from 56 to 43 days before the beginning of the stay: 25% of the rent with a minimum of € 50;
  • from 42 to 22 days before the beginning of the holiday: 50% of the rent with a minimum of €50;
  • from 21 to 8 days before the beginning of the stay: 75% of the rent with a minimum of € 50;
  • in the event of cancellation 7 days or less before the beginning of the stay and in the event of non-arrival: the full rental sum with a minimum of € 50;
  • in the event of non-arrival without notice, the reserved pitch/rental facility will be kept vacant until 1 night later than announced: the pitch/rental facility will be re-let on the following day.

1.5 Cancellation insurance (DVV)

Do not take the risk of losing a large part or the entire sum of your holiday if something should happen to you or one of your family members. Kompas Camping vzw offers its customers the possibility to take out a cancellation insurance with DVV-Insurances together with the reservation. The premium amounts to 4.5% of the accommodation price. The conditions for the intervention of the insurance can be found on under the heading 'cancellation insurance'.

1.6 Arrival and departure

Arrival: campers can occupy their site between 1 PM and 11 PM on the scheduled day of arrival (reception closed: follow instructions on notice board). On the day after their arrival at the latest, they must go to reception to register their arrival and carry out the necessary formalities.

Departure: on the day scheduled for your departure, the pitch will be vacated by 12 noon at the latest. In case of an early departure you have to inform the reception at the latest the day before departure. In case of a late check-out (after 12 noon) € 25 will be charged. This does not count as an extension of the reservation. Should you decide to leave early during your stay, you must notify the reception. A refund or compensation is not possible.

Specific rules apply to rental accommodation; see point 6.

1.7 Youth

Children are our guests. Be child-friendly: think of their safety, especially when driving a car. As a parent you are responsible for any damage caused by your children. So do not let them play in the buildings and teach them to respect nature and plants. Prevent accidents.
Minors (-18 years) who are not accompanied by a parent or a person of at least 18 years of age cannot stay on the premises.
Youth groups must book in advance (see point 1.3) and are subject to the above conditions.

1.8 Pets

A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per camping unit and they will always be charged for. Dogs or cats must always be kept on a leash (max. 2 m). Always take a dog waste bag with you to clean up the excrement of your dog or cat. Pets are not allowed in some buildings on the site (e.g. sanitary buildings). The owner is always responsible and must ensure that the presence of his pet does not disturb other campers. The stay of animals other than dogs and cats requires authorisation from the management.

2. Services

2.1 Reception

If you have any questions or problems regarding your stay, you can always contact the reception staff. You will find the opening hours at the entrance. There is also a first aid post.

2.2 Electricity

The campsite is connected to the electricity grid with a Euro plug (amperage: 10A). To prevent overloading, electrical appliances consuming more than 1200 W are not permitted.

2.3 Swimming pools / Aqua zone

Access to the swimming pools (Nieuwpoort) or the water playground (Westende) is reserved for campers/holiday makers. Access to the pools is granted only if you are wearing a valid wristband. The colour of this wristband depends on the period in which you are staying. You must wear the access bracelet visibly. Without a wristband, authorised staff may deny swimmers access to the swimming pools and sunbathing area. No new wristband will be issued in case of loss. There are a few measures in place to ensure you can enjoy the fun in the water in a pleasant, clean and safe environment. You will find these at the entrance to the swimming pools/water playground. Please observe them for your own health and safety and that of other guests.

3. Safety

3.1 Fire safety

For fire safety reasons, the camper is obliged to place the camping installation and any extra equipment at a safe distance from the neighbours. A drawing, indicating the distances to be respected in order to avoid fire, will be sent to everyone together with their booking invoice. You will also find this drawing in the reception guide.

You will find fire facilities at various places on the holiday park (see the map at the entrance, for example). A maximum of 2 gas bottles are allowed per pitch. Make sure they comply with legal regulations and regularly check the bottles and pipes for wear and tear and/or leaks. The heating and kitchen installations must be placed safely in a well-ventilated room and on a refractory plate. No open fires or campfires may be placed without permission from the management. Barbecuing must be carried out under constant surveillance. The necessary precautions must be taken to prevent fires. The barbecue must be placed in such a way that other guests are not bothered by the smoke. Make sure that the ashes have cooled down before depositing them in the container.

3.2 Road safety

On the holiday park there is a speed limit of 15 km/hour for all vehicles, including cyclists. Parking on the roads is not permitted. It is forbidden to play with balls in the immediate vicinity of the camping facilities. Driving a moped or motorbike is not permitted inside the campsite fence, except for travelling to and from the campsite installations.

3.3 Personal safety

No activities may take place in the installations or goods may be stored that could increase the risk of fire or the consequences of fire. Everyone must take measures to protect their own equipment. Always close your camping installation carefully and do not leave any money behind.

3.4 Guidelines in the event of fire or evacuation

On the information board at the main entrance you will find the guidelines to follow in case of fire or evacuation of the domain.

4. Cleanliness - plumbing - waste - rest

4.1 Cleanliness and green care

Kompas Camping vzw counts on the cooperation of everyone to keep the pitch, the surroundings and the installations for common use neat and tidy.
Respect the turf and greenery of the campsite. On the pitch it is forbidden:

  • Lay a mat, cloth or wooden floor that is larger than the (front) tent;
  • to place fences of any kind (exception: you can put up a temporary fence for your dog during your presence but it has to be removed when you leave);
  • Tensioning threads (e.g. for laundry);
  • placing garden ornaments, flower pots or plants;
  • digging out the soil or tilling it.
  • pruning hedges, shrubs and trees.

4.2 Sanitary facilities

The sanitary buildings on the holiday park are regularly cleaned by the staff. At the same time Kompas Camping vzw invests consistently in renovation and modernisation.

As a guest, you can help us through:

  • Reporting leaky faucets and toilets at reception.
  • Save water and energy.
  • Keeping the sanitary facilities tidy and reporting vandalism.

4.3 Waste

Ordinary household waste must be collected in solid bags, which are properly sealed and deposited in the containers. Be environmentally conscious: paper, cardboard, glass, vegetable, fruit and garden waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers.

DO NOT accept: the disposal of bulky garbage (= waste too big for a garbage bag) and garbage brought from outside the campsite.

For waste water and the emptying of chemical toilets, there are several specially designated discharge points on the site (see campsite plan).

4.4 Silence and rest

Everyone is obliged to maintain complete peace and quiet between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Unless otherwise stated, all motorised traffic on the site is prohibited during these hours. Noise disturbing other campers, such as televisions, radios, ... must be avoided. Drones are only allowed with the written permission of the management.

5. Purchase and sale

5.1 Sale of food, beverages

The sale of food and beverages by third parties is only possible with the written permission of the management. The sale or distribution of documents and objects requires the express written authorisation of the management.

5.2 Receiving newspapers, mail and parcels

  • The customer can collect his newspaper, magazine, letters or postal package only during the opening hours of the reception. 
  • The campsite accepts no responsibility for non-delivery, incomplete delivery, damage or any other form of faulty delivery. This is a direct agreement between the sender and the client.
  • The reception does not accept registered mail in the name of the camper as it cannot be domiciled here. 
  • The reception will not sign for delivery even if the courier insists on it and even if this would result in the package being taken back by the courier.
  • The reception reserves the right to refuse a package if the staff member considers that the package is too large to be stored at the reception, could possibly cause damage to property of the campsite, or could possibly be harmful to the health or well-being of staff or other customers of the campsite.
  • If delivered goods are not collected within a reasonable period (max. 1 month), they will be thrown away. The campsite cannot be held responsible.

6. Rental accommodation

The rental accommodation is also subject to the above terms and conditions of stay and the internal regulations, together with the following provisions or deviations:

  • Arrival between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. (reception closed: follow the instructions on the information board).
  • Departure between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m from the campsite. Departure before 12 a.m.for an Access Lodge. If you wish to leave earlier, you must inform the reception the evening before. If the accommodation is not vacated by 10 a.m, a fee of 75 euros will be charged. 
  • The maximum number of people allowed in the rental accommodation is mentioned in the brochures of Kompas Camping as well as on the website
  • It is not allowed to place an extra person in the rental accommodation.
  • It is forbidden to charge electric or hybrid cars at the accommodation.
  • The use of bed linen is obligatory.
  • If a pet is allowed in a rental accommodation, this is explicitly mentioned on the website and on the invoice of the booked stay. In all other cases, the tenant or any visitors are forbidden to bring pets with them.
  • The tenant or any visitors are forbidden to smoke in the rental accommodation.
  • Any damage will be reported to the management and will be at the expense of the tenant.
  • The rental accommodation will be left clean and tidy.
  • The cost of loss of the key (75 euros), replacement of damaged parts of the furniture or repair of damage to the accommodation will be charged to the renter.

7. Mobile homes

For owners of mobile homes renting accommodation at Kompas Camping there are specific terms and conditions of stay and internal regulations. These are delivered annually to the owners and must be signed and returned to the campsite for approval.

8. Liability

Kompas Camping vzw can at no time be considered as depositary of the goods of the campers/holiday guests. Kompas Camping vzw is also not liable for theft of or damage to the goods of the campers/holiday guests. Apart from the cases mentioned in the two previous paragraphs, Kompas Camping vzw can only be held responsible for gross negligence or fraud.

9. Complaints procedure

9.1. Complaints before the start of the stay must be reported by the camper/vacation guest as soon as possible by mail or letter to the campsite.

9.2. Complaints during the stay must be made by the camper/holiday guest to the campsite reception as soon as possible in an appropriate and probative manner.

9.3. If a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved on the spot, the camper/vacing guest must notify the management of the holiday park of his/her complaint by e-mail or letter no later than 3 months after the end of the stay.

9.3. Kompas Camping vzw is an accommodation recognized by Tourism Flanders. Would you like more information about the regulations concerning tourist accommodation? Or was there no or insufficient response to your complaint by Kompas Camping vzw? Please contact Tourism Flanders, Grasmarkt 61, 1000 Brussels ( You can also find more information on

10. Violation of internal regulations

Failure to comply with the conditions of stay and/or the internal regulations entitles Kompas Camping vzw, among other things, to claim damages. The damage resulting from the violation of the regulations by the camper/holiday guest will be estimated by the parties at an amount of at least 100 euros, without prejudice to the right of Kompas Camping vzw to claim a higher amount.

11. Termination of stay on compelling grounds

Kompas Camping vzw may terminate a tenant's stay on urgent grounds. Urgent reasons are understood to be non-exhaustive:

Failure to comply with art. 3 and/or 4.

  • Repeated actions that are contrary to these terms and conditions of stay and internal regulations.
  • Any action contrary to the regulations emanating from the competent authorities.
  • The tenant can cancel a stay for urgent reasons if Kompas Camping vzw, after being reminded to do so, does not comply with its obligations.
  • In case of a legally valid cancellation, the tenant has the right to a refund of the already paid compensation for the remaining part of the stay in which he/she will no longer stay on the camping site.

12. Government

If, by means of general guidelines, the government imposes standards that would be contrary to these regulations, these regulations will automatically be adapted. This document has been drawn up taking into account the legislation in force and the Tourist Flanders Accommodation Decree.

Disputes concerning the implementation of this agreement shall be settled by the Dutch-speaking courts of the district of Brussel.

Most recent update: 24th January 2023