1. Hello dear friends!


I would like to introduce myself because you don't know me yet ...

I am going to live on Kompas Camping during the school holidays. I'm really looking forward to it and it's very exciting. I'm not much of a talker, so I'll just write down my name, where I'm from, what my favourite colour and food is and much more ... Read on and you will find out!

My name is …


Did you know that seals do not have names? Seals in the zoo get them, but in the North Sea we are all just called 'seals'. I was jealous of all the beautiful names of children big and small at Kompas Camping. I wanted a name like that too! But I could not choose ... so at the beginning of this year all the guests at Kompas Camping were looking for a suitable name. And so I have finally gotten the name Kasper! I am very happy with that.

I am …

A grey seal, always cheerful and very funny. I don't like to talk, but I love giving hugs and taking selfies. Because of Covid that is not allowed right now ... but we will make up for that later!

I live …

Together with my mum and dad, brothers and sisters in the harbour channel of Nieuwpoort. I also have family and friends in Ostend, on the small beach. They don't like it when you come too close. So will you please keep a few metres distance when you see them? 

I'm going on holiday to … 

Kompas Camping! Life is one big party at Kompas Camping! I make friends, climb and clamber around in the playground, dance, sport, do crafts, laugh and have a great time! Do you now understand why I prefer to live here compared to the North Sea during the school holidays?

I love …

Nice drawings, funny jokes, surprises and sweet letters. I read everything that children put in my letterbox (which is near the entertainment room, you'll find it soon!). I like to be outdoors, play sports and hide and seek.

I like to eat …

Fish! I eat about 5 kg of fish and squid every day! On holidays I like a lobster or 2. On Kompas Camping I prefer to eat fruit. It is healthy and the colours are beautiful! My favourite drink is a smoothie. They also have those on Kompas Camping! Or water with a piece of fruit in it - that is also soooo delicious that I never get enough of it.  

Enough about me!

Hope to see you soon friends!

Will you draw with me?

Download some of my drawings here and colour them in! I like blue and yellow the most. I am curious which colour you will give me!

You can always drop a drawing in the mailbox at the animation room. I check my box every day!

Will you help me find my picture?

Enough searching :-)

I had hidden a photo of myself on the campsite, but this quest has ended.

I'm curious to see if you have found my picture!

Will you craft with me?

I love doing crafts. You will soon find lots of craft ideas here for when you are staying at the camping or are at home.

Impression of the Kasper-club